Operating Systems

Make your computer and mobile OS error-free with tech support from Smart Techies

Need tech support for troubleshooting your operating system? Smart Techies experts can help you diagnose and repair OS errors, configure the settings, 
and make the best use of your digital devices within minutes. Whether it’s Windows 8, Mac OS X or iOS technical help is just a click away.



Get the best tech support for different versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows.dpuf

Mac OS X

If your Mac is giving you a hard time, just call us at our tech support numbers. The technicians will help put your Mac right by fixing all issues.


Allow Smart Techies expert team of technicians to help you fix iOS problems so that you can make the best use of your iPhone and iPod.




Comprehensive tech support for office and productivity suites

Smart Techies tech experts will diagnose and troubleshoot any issues related to Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. Whether you need 
support for installation, setup, or troubleshooting errors, our technicians have got you covered. Go ahead, make the most of office and productivity software.


Microsoft Office

Upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office, resolve errors related to Office applications, and do lots more with expert support.

Account Books

Get help from Smart Techies and use the different features of the QuickBooks accounting software without any glitches.




Browse the web and shop online with confidence

Thousands of malicious programs are detected every day. To secure your PC and connected devices, what you need is comprehensive technical support from Smart Techies. 


Anti Virus

Want to scan your computer with an antivirus or update the security software, Smart Techies technicians are always there to help you 


Block unauthorized access to your PCs, servers, end computing devices, and more, by installing and configuring a firewall.

Parental Controls

With tech support from Smart Techies, configure parental control settings to monitor and control your children’s Internet usage.




Just get in touch through phone, online chat, or email. They will quickly assist you in compressing files, troubleshooting errors, and do lots more.


Compression and Zip

Whether you require support for WinRAR, WinZip, or 7-Zip, our tech experts have got you covered.

Adobe Acrobat

Enjoy comprehensive technical help for Adobe Acrobat Reader from the convenience of your home or office.

Adobe Flash Player

Failed to install Adobe Flash Player or update it to the latest version? Smart Techies technicians are here to help you.




Windows Media Player not playing music? We will help set it right!

If your Windows Media Player crashes every time you hit ‘Play’, it has probably got a serious reason. But don’t worry, whether it’s 
multimedia player errors, playlist troubles or just plain syncing issues, just call Smart Techies. We’ll troubleshoot and resolve problems related to different multimedia players.



Windows Media Player

Sync your Windows Media Player, fix errors, set up playlists, and do lots more with tech support from Smart Techies.

Vlc Media Player

Whether you need help to troubleshoot VLC Media Player errors or DVD playback issues, we have got you covered.

Real Player

Allow Smart Techies technicians to remotely access your PC and fix Real Player issues you are facing, customize settings, and more.




Don’t let errors stop you from connecting with friends and family.

Need help to set up your email account or instant messenger? Does your Skype connection often go offline in the middle of a conversation? Whatever may be the issue you’re facing, our tech experts will be quite happy to help you. Go ahead, make the most of technology. 



Get started with your email client with tech support from Smart Techies. The technicians will set up your email program and fix errors, if any.


Instant tech support for Skype is only a phone call away. Get help for Skype troubleshooting, configuration, and much more.

Yahoo Messenger

Customize the settings of Yahoo! Messenger and fix errors with help from the technicians at Smart Techies.




Unable to surf the web? Relax, we can help you with instant support.

If your browser is giving you a tough time, don’t worry. Smart Techies tech experts can fix all issues so you can enjoy a snappier web surfing experience. 


Internet Explorer

Don’t let Internet Explorer errors stop you from browsing the web. Get instant tech support that’s available.r

Mozilla Firefox

Need help to customize Mozilla Firefox settings or resolve tech issues? Relax, Smart Techies support representatives are just a click away.

Google Chrome

Make the most of Google Chrome with technical help to fix all issues and optimizing it for faster performance.