Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple; we live by our values. This means that every decision we take is measured against our values. We expect everyone at smarttechies to not just pay lip service to them but to really believe in them.

Our Team

Our people are the backbone of our service. Whilst we are innovative with our application of technology it is our dedicated team that our clients speak with on a daily basis, who design our client solutions, who bring innovation, professionalism and outstanding customer service to everything we do.

Our Mission

We have a very simple and straightforward mission at smarttechies.”To be the leading provider of Outsourced IT Services”This doesn’t mean being the biggest, it means being the best. To be the best we believe that we have to deliver Outstanding Customer Service 100% of the time, we have to innovate, be professional, responsible, commercial and generous. These are our values.

Our Journey

We have completed 16 years of service in IT solutions with all of our satisfied customer support from small to mid size businesses.

Our Promise

Personalized service and quick response to all of our clients. Every member of our staff is dedicated to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Strategy

There are a lot of technologies out there and a lot of ways to make your business run more smoothly and at a lower cost. We can help you build a strategy that puts these technologies to work for you. We provide strategic planning and help with emerging technologies. Request a strategy session today


Why Smart IT Solutions

What is it that makes us different and a choice with many exciting possibilities? Our experience and competence with machines and their ways? Our ability to think solutions instead of boxes named as hardware, software? Some customers say it is our attentiveness and relationship capabilities? For us it is a simple everyday working principle-SOLVE. We do this by thinking, understanding and paying invaluable attention.

High quality, specific and defined services ensure professional solutions. We have a wide selection of services, which we combine to deliver solutions to our clients. . If you are considering a change to your current solution then we would encourage you not to read through all of our website but to pick up the phone, or send us an email, so we can talk through what you are trying to achieve with a potential move to smarttechies.